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Yellowstone season 4 episode 3

Paramount’s “Yellowstone” had an explosive first two episodes last week, and now it’s continuing with season 4 episode 3, called “All I See Is You.” The new episode was a fast-paced, enjoyable episode that gave viewers a much-needed breather after how intense the season premiere was. The latest episode bid farewell to one character while watching a new character begin to figure out exactly where his place is at Dutton Ranch.

This is a review and recap of “Yellowstone” season 4 episode 3. This review was written live as the episode aired.

Many Enemies Are Disposed of Quickly as the Episode Opens

As the episode begins, John is sitting in front of a fireplace in a picturesque scene. What follows is a montage of scenes where different men are taken out by SWAT, Kayce’s Livestock people, Rip, and others. One by one, the militia that attacked Dutton Ranch is being eliminated. John didn’t waste any time taking care of the problem.


And with that short but intense opening, we jump right into the intro video.

The next scene begins with John heading out to ride his horse like he does every morning now. Carter is there before him, cleaning the stalls. They have a brief but friendly exchange. I like how John’s already accepting him as part of Rip’s family.

John rides out to find Kayce waiting for him. He wants to enjoy time on the field with his dad, since he doesn’t know how much longer they’ll be around to enjoy this together. It’s a sweet moment.

Back at the bunkhouse, Jimmy’s being sent away. Lloyd’s unhappy with it, but Rip says it has to be done. Rip doesn’t have much sympathy for Lloyd’s complaints and tells him to leave his pride behind when it comes to Walker.

Jimmy tells Mia that he’s being sent to a ranch in Texas. I think this is setting up for the “Yellowstone” spinoff that takes place in Texas called “6666.” It’s going to premiere sometime after the other spinoff “1883,” but this one will be concurrent with “Yellowstone” timeline-wise.

Mias’ fed up with Jimmy and how he chose to stay under the Dutton Ranch’s thumb rather than start a life with her. After how she stuck by him in the hospital, it’s really hard to blame her for feeling this way.

We get a brief glimpse of Mo’s home life before he heads out to work. Apparently, he still has that guy from the casino tied up on his property. I was wondering what happened to him. The only question I have is why would he give this guy the roast beef instead of making him eat the peanut butter sandwich that his kid didn’t want? But putting that question aside, it’s nice to see Mo get some more screentime.

After the commercial break, Ernie asks Kayce for help with a new neighbor who won’t let him drive his cattle on an easement that goes through his land.



In the next scene, we see Teeter, Colby, and the rest of the bunkhouse crew watching a demonstration of the horse team that Travis bought for John. (If you recall from last week, John wanted to invest in a lot of horses and eventually become known throughout the nation just like King Ranch.) I kind of wish that Teeter and Colby were getting more screen time, considering how they were a big part of a cliffhanger last season. Plus, I really like their storylines!

With Mia giving Jimmy the silent treatment, John decides to have a talk with Jimmy. He tells Jimmy he’s not sending him away to punish him, but to help him. He’s going to be a reflection of the Dutton Ranch while he’s there, and it’s up to him how long he stays. It sounds like a big responsibility for Jimmy and not just a punishment for sure. After a later comment, we learn that this is definitely a plug for the upcoming spinoff, “6666.” And it’s working. I’m interested in seeing what happens!

Beth finally arrives (glad to see her!) and makes a joke about her inheritance is running around in the form of those new horses. She wants to take Carter shopping, but Rip doesn’t want her to spoil him. He tells her that Carter won’t turn out well if she treats him like a “pet.” I kind of agree with both of them here. They need to be careful not to spoil him, but he also needs a little nurturing from Beth.

She’s not happy about that, but she still tells Rip that she loves him before he leaves. I really love Rip and Beth’s relationship.

In the next scene after the commercial break, Kayce shows up to speak to Ralph Peterson about the issue his friend told him about earlier. When he won’t let him in, he drives right through the gates and cuffs Peterson for refusing entry. Kayce isn’t about to let anyone push him around.

John Digs Deeper Into the Mystery of Who Wants His Family Gone



Neither is John. He drives up to a location in the middle of nowhere with his gun in hand to meet with Rainwater and Mo. Rainwater shows him a file of the man who wanted him dead and ordered the attack.



He’s in state prison, but I can’t quite catch his name on the file. John doesn’t recognize the man, so he’s assuming that the man was hired by someone else too. But the guy that Mo has kidnapped doesn’t know the identity of whoever is behind this either. So things are still a mystery.

I’m going to make a wild guess here. I think that Jamie’s dad, Garrett, is the one who hired this man. He served time in prison too, so might have met him there. And he has a huge grudge against John.

After the commercial break, Kayce tells Peterson that what he’s doing is wrong by preventing the cattle from being driven on his property. But he takes things a little too far. Rather than taking legal action, he ties Peterson up and drops him under the cattle guard, threatening to leave him there. I think maybe Kayce is getting a little power-hungry? I’m kind of amused by the happy, light-hearted music they’re using for this scene though.

We finally bet a Beth and Carter scene next! I love how motherly she is with him. It’s a new side to her and fun to watch. She takes him to a boutique for a hat, boots, and jacket. But when he wants a shirt and she says no, he ignores her and tries it on anyway. He’s not listening to her and she’s worried he’s going to end up spoiled.

But while she’s trying to get him to take off the shirt and leave, a woman interferes and starts filming her, calling her a child abuser. Beth tells her off and Carter follows her out, apologizing. She tells him there are only a few ways to get rich, and he’s going to have to work for his money if he wants it.

“Work really, really hard. You’ll learn, you’ll fail, you’ll learn more, fail more, and don’t let anyone outwork you ever…”

The next major scene is with Jimmy, who’s getting ready to leave and head out to Texas. Walker tells him that the biggest regret of his life is leaving where Jimmy is going and coming to Yellowstone. But Travis is super rude to Jimmy when they’re getting ready to leave, and I’m not entirely sure why. And with that, I believe we are saying goodbye to Jimmy until we see him again on the spinoff.


After the final commercial break, Beth returns home very frustrated with Carter. Being the mom of a teenager is most definitely not easy! Rip is sympathetic, but even though he was proven right, he’s not going to brag about to Beth. Instead, he just offers to be the one to “find the man” in Carter.

“He’s not our son, no matter what he becomes, he’ll never be that,” he tells Beth. (But honestly, Rip is pretty much John’s son now, so I’m not sure what he’s saying is accurate.) She’s worried he’ll resent her for not being able to have kids, but he promises that’s not true. (And I believe him.)

Kayce brings food up for Monica and Tate, but Tate is hiding under the bed. He’s really struggling with what happened. They need to get that boy some counseling. Kayce voices exactly what I’m feeling. He physically drags Tate out from under the bed, and Tate has a mental breakdown. Kayce tells him that he is the only one who will make him safe, and he already beat his biggest fear. Kayce insists it’s Monica who’s making him scared. They’re at an impasse. Monica is livid that Kayce brought them back to the ranch, and she tells him right in front of Tate that she hates him.

It honestly might be Monica who needs counseling more than Tate. She’s really struggling, and I can’t help but remember the head injury she had last season. I think she really needs help. All the actors in this scene did a powerful job of portraying this shifting family dynamic.

In the last scene of the episode, John is driving back at night from his meeting with Rainwater and Mo. The man from the casino is still in the back of his truck. John drags him into a field and offers to have a shootout so the man at least has a chance to live and he feels a little less guilty. Of course, John prevails and shoots and kills him.

All in all, this was an excellent episode. The actors, as always, truly sell their characters’ fears, passions, and anger. The Dutton family is not to be messed with, and they will do whatever is needed to survive.

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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 3 Review & Recap: ‘All I See Is You’

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