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Over the years, “Star Trek” hasn’t shied away sex. There’ve been scenes of characters, barely clad, rubbing blue gel in the decontamination chamber (such as in “Star Trek: Enterprise”). Holodeck scenes have included titillation. There’s one bath scene – in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” “Insurrection” – where Deana Troi shaves Commander William Riker in a tub full of bubbles. In fact, Star Trek’s had a nude scene – T’Pol disrobes on “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

Some might argue being overtly “sexy” is sometimes the issue with some of “Star Trek” and perhaps the entire science fiction gene. Others may say it’s entertaining, handling the topic overall well.

Here are a few ideas written out and scenes removed from various “Star Trek” television shows and movies, especially when things got steamy.

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Rand and Kirk an Item?

According to Heavy, Grace Whitney (Yeoman Janice Rand from the original series) was supposed to be a core member of the original cast. She says Gene Roddenberry, the series creator, received studio pressure to prevent Captain Kirk (played by William Shatner) to get too involved with Rand.

Whitney says to, “There was a scene that Shatner and I did – and I remember when it happened – that scared the producers, because they said, ‘Uh-oh, they’re getting too close. This is getting too hot. We have to remove her because he’s going to look like he’s cheating when he falls in love with other women on other planets.’ So, if she’s waiting for him on the ship and he’s out there cheating, Yeoman Rand would be the sympathetic part on the ship, and he’d look like a cad. So, they said, ‘Why don’t we just remove the yeoman.’ Of course, this went on behind the scenes.”

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Sulu Drools Over Ilia

In “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” a beautiful Deltan joins the crew – Ilia. (The Deltans affect every human male they meet.) Ilia, played by Persis Khambatta, is fresh to the bridge when Sulu, played by George Takei, seems unnerved by her. In fact, he can’t show her basic navigational controls (a task he normally excels at), making a few mistakes. He even stares at her.

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Khan’s Shower in ‘Into Darkness’

Star Trek’s “Into Darkness,” what Trek fans refer to as part of the Kelvin timeline, has been controversial. Dr. Carol Marcus’ actor – Alice Eve – appears in the movie in her underwear. People have argued whether it was gratuitous, although Alice Eve defends the scene in Cinema Blend.

J.J. Abrams, the director, talks with Conan O’Brien about this infamous scene and argues he’d set it up to show James Kirk – Chris Pine – was also in his underwear in the movie, wanting to draw parallels between the two.

Abrams says on Conan, “To me it was a balance. There was a scene earlier where [Kirk – Chris Pine] is not dressed either, so I felt like it was a tradeoff. But some people felt like it was exploiting [Eve]. And while she is lovely, I can also see their point of view.”

While those two limited clothes scenes made it to the final cut, one didn’t – Khan Noonien Singh (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) taking a shower. As Abrams indicates in Conan – it was an evil shower.

Picard and Anij Long Kiss – Star TrekDeleted extended scene….. Star Trek Insurrection 2018-10-03T01:09:22Z

Picard Kissing in ‘Insurrection’

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” had a life after the television show ended, enjoying various movies, including “Insurrection,” directed by Jonathan Frakes (who also played Commander Riker). The movie had many themes, including the passage of time and moving on – Riker and Deana Troi get married, for example.

In the movie, Anij (played by Donna Murphy) is Ba’ku, a people known for giving up technology. They become embroiled in a conflict between the Federation and the Son’a. During the movie, where the audience realizes the Son’a are helping the Dominion, Anij becomes Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s love interest.

Anij and Picard kiss. The scene was intended to show that Picard feels the Ba’ku’s ability to slow time. But the crew cut the scene because it didn’t work.

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Archer Asks Trip for Advice About Sex

Captain Jonathan Archer (played by Scott Bakula) was never known as a Captain Kirk-style womanizer. There wasn’t an alien at every port for him; his relationships are rare. His lack of having female companionship becomes apparent in “A Night in Sickbay,” from the second season of “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

In the episode, Archer begins to realize he’s attracted to his first officer, Sub-commander T’Pol (played by Jolene Blalock). Additionally, his nerves are frayed – worried about his faithful companion (Porthos, his dog) who’s near death and concerned he won’t get the needed equipment to keep Enterprise running.

In this deleted scene, he contacts his friend Commander Trip Tucker (played by Connor Trinneer). Archer asks, “How long has it been since you’ve been intimate with a woman?”

Trip is confused and shocked, stammering for a response. Archer quickly understands this isn’t an appropriate question to ask and the conversation shifts.

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Ideas that Never Came to Fruition and Deleted Scenes

Whatever your conclusions about steamy “Star Trek,” maybe some of the above deleted scenes were for the best. Or maybe some of the ideas will be further explored by “Strange New Worlds” coming out in the spring of 2022.

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Too Steamy for ‘Star Trek’?

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