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‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies’ cast

Episode 16 of the 37th season of “The Challenge,” “Spies, Lies and Allies,” saw a lot of the fallout from Amanda Garcia’s infiltration of Emerald cell carry over through a tense challenge, nominations and the elimination. Throughout these moments as the final draws closer, cast members shared their thoughts about the episode online

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the 16th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies,” which aired on November 24 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

The episode saw the elimination of one more competitor, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, who went home for the second time after she was brought back following her elimination a couple of weeks ago. Big T asked to be the house vote and she chose to call down Emy Alupei, who defeated her and rejoined Sapphire cell.

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The Episode Had Some Tense Moments Between the Vets as the Ruby Cell Came Close to Winning a Mission But Lost Again to Emerald

The episode began with the cast relaxing with a day off boat party in Croatia but they couldn’t disconnect completely and viewers were reminded that Devin Walker and Tori Deal reached a near-breaking point in their friendship after last week’s episode. The two were able to have a conversation about it but it didn’t seem to resolve issues as Devin did not apologize to Tori.

Nelson Thomas tweeted, “I wanna fight with somebody on @ChallengeMTV.” He added, “Is Ruby team going win [our] first challenge a.k.a. it’s a endurance challenge…. #TheChallenge37.” Devin wrote, “Everyone just remember it’s okay to do what is best for MY game. You made the rules not me 🙂 #TheChallenge37.” Amanda Garcia said, “I’m dead Devin blames me for Josh going home LOL.”

The mission this week was an endurance-based challenge that required cells to move one million dollars in bills from a safe along a beach to an SUV parked further along the water. The mission meant that all teams members would have to run back and forth along the course several times and fans were able to see which reality stars struggled more than others. After a very close finish between Ruby and Emerald, Emerald were able to pull out the win, leaving only three women as options for the female elimination.

Devin tweeted, “Damn #Challenge37 jealousy is a hell of a drug.” Amanda wrote, “It was hotter than the Devils d*** this challenge day.” She also commented on Kaycee Clark’s praise of her during the mission, writing, “THANKS KAYCEE IM A JUST A POSITIVE GAL WHAT CAN I SAY.” She said Nelson was a beast and added, “All these guys carrying the bags solo…. PROPS. S*** was heavy af.”

There Were Only 3 Eligible Femalen Competitors to Choose From for the Elimination

Despite some speculation about throwing in Tori to avoid the risk of Big T winning and infiltrating Emerald, the Agency chose to nominate Big T as the house vote. Tori told her former teammates in no uncertain terms that they would be losing her friendship and support if they decided to “weaponize” her and use her to eliminate Big T. That being said, the decision of putting in Big T made it very likely that Emy Alupei would be called down and she made her feelings clear to Emanuel Neagu that she felt betrayed by them.

Corey Lay tweeted, “If I was going to infiltrate Emerald I wouldn’t tell them first… lol.” Amanda wrote, “I had a convo with Big T before and told her if she took my spot I wouldn’t care. I’ll be good no matter where I go I’m not a cry baby like SOMEEEE ppl #TheChallenge37.” Regarding her conversation with Emanuel, Amanda told Emy, “CALL HIM OUT EMY! HE FAKE FAKEEEEE. #TheChallenge37.”

Big T ended up calling Emy down to the Lair for the elimination, where the women had to swim across an ice pool, ring a bell and return across before they could get out and solve a puzzle. Every few minutes, host TJ Lavin would blow a horn and they’d have to stop the puzzle and get back in the ice pool. Emy edged out Big T, eliminating the British reality star and choosing to rejoin the Sapphire cell.

Emy wrote, “Well , have to say that it s really hard to understand me , cause i don t even understand myself all i know is that God and Grandma always help me #fourthelim #thechallenge37 #besttvshow #usa.” Amanda said, “EMY IS AN ELIMINATION BEASSTTTTTTTT against all odds she did it again. LETS GOOOO. #TheChallenge37.”

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‘The Challenge’ Cast React to ‘Spies, Lies & Allies’ Episode 16: ‘He Fake’

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