Paolla Oliveira raises temperature by posting bikini photos on the web – Famous πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Paolla Oliveira (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

This Sunday (11/14), the actress

Paolla Oliveira

shared a photo through social networks and decided to enjoy the sun on a day at the beach. Following the images posted, the famous woman posed half sideways wearing a pink and orange bikini, decorated with a large shirt, a scarf in her hair and sunglasses.

As the post caption, the girlfriend of

Diogo Nogueira

used only one sun emoji and one wave emoji.



β€œYou are so wonderful”




β€œBeautiful thing”


β€œWonder Woman”


β€œI dream to be beautiful like this”


β€œWhat a cat”

were some of the comments left by fans in the post.

This Sunday (11/14), the actress will be on the



TV Globo

, accompanied by her boyfriend

Diogo Nogueira

. The couple talk about the beginning of the relationship in conversation with the reporter

Renata Capucci

, also covering other day-to-day details.

However, netizens began to speculate that there could be something else, like a possible pregnancy.

β€œPaola Oliveira will announce on Fantstico that she is pregnant with Diogo Nogueira. Write it down”

, wrote on social networks an Internet user.

β€œPaolla is pregnant?”

, asked another

. β€œBeautiful couple… I think the surprise will be marriage proposal or are they pregnant”

, said one more.

The interview for the


will also address the composition made by




, call

Flower of the Hunt

. The famous took up dating in July of last year, becoming loved by fans and the media itself. They currently live together and became the parents of a pet, the kitchen called

Bruttus Batuque


Paolla Oliveira raises temperature by posting bikini photos on the web – Famous

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