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Jared Haibon got a haircut.

β€œBachelor in Paradise” star Jared Haibon had been letting his hair grow throughout much of the pandemic, but he decided to get a haircut before Christmas β€” and fans are thrilled.

Jared hadn’t wanted to cut his hair for a while, and seemed to really like his new look, despite many telling him that shorter hair suits him better. β€œEverybody just doesn’t like it because it’s constantly greasy,” Jared’s wife, Ashley Iaconetti, told him before he got a chop. Even Jared admitted that it was time for a cut.

Jared admitted that he was mildly nervous to see what he would look like with short hair after growing his locks out for the past two years. β€œWhat if I’m balding? My hair’s been receding… I don’t really know,” he said before sitting down in the barber’s chair. Jared has almost always had shorter hair, but wanted to try something different β€” however, Ashley was able to convince him to go short again β€” and fans are loving her for it!

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Picked Out Jared’s New Hairstyle

Ashley was on-hand for the big cut β€” and the big reveal β€” and she told the barber how she wanted Jared’s hair to look. β€œI make no decisions anymore,” Jared joked to the camera. Ashley showed the barber a few pictures on her phone so he knew what direction to take Jared’s hair.

β€œThis is my favorite picture of him,” she said, showing one photo in particular. And then, the barber got to work. Jared looked relatively calm as his hair was clipped, the longer pieces falling to the floor. While many thought he may buzz his hair off, he just got an all-over scissor cut.

β€œLook at you babe!” Ashley said after the haircut was complete. β€œOh my God, I have short hair,” Jared said, playing with the longer pieces on the top of his head. β€œIt looks good though,” he added.

β€œYou look five years younger,” Ashley told him once they got outside. The next stop? Ashley and Jared’s new coffee house in their home state of Rhode Island.

Just About Everyone Seems Happy With Jared’s Haircut

Ashley and Jared stopped in at Audrey’s Coffee House and Lounge, which they opened in early December 2021. As Jared approached the counter, three workers greeted him, and all started clapping.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones who were happy that Jared finally cut his hair. He received tons of responses on Instagram where he shared the video of his big haircut day.

β€œWhich do you like better? The long hair or short hair?” Jared asked in the video’s caption. The response for short hair was overwhelming.

β€œJared you can pull off both but the short is it!!!!” former β€œBachelor” star Becca Tilley commented on the video.

β€œSHORT IS [fire]. Ashley was right,” another Instagram user commented.

β€œShort. Always listen to your wife,” a third person wrote.

β€œSHORT! I’ve been waiting for short,” another comment read.

β€œAwesome!!! Looks soooo much better!!!” someone else added.

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Jared Haibon Completely Changed His Look & Fans Can’t Get Over it

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