Fans Slammed Teddi Mellencamp Over Son’s Playroom Decor 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Teddi Mellencamp in 2021.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Teddi Mellencamp, is getting slammed by fans online after posting a photo of her son’s playroom.

The photo, which has since been deleted, showed her son in her new home’s playroom complete with a blown-up Frank Sinatra mugshot having on the wall. The photo was quickly screenshot and shared on Reddit where fans ripped her apart for the decor.

“She oozes ‘not like other girls’ energy,” a fan wrote. “My kids dont have animals or word art in their playroom, they have edgy mugshots that I dont know the history behind.”

“Teddi tries so hard not to be boring that she just ends up being f***ing weird,” another fan wrote. “A mugshot in a kids room is a weird vibe no matter what the arrest was. End of,” someone else wrote.

“Teddi Boringcamp is so inappropriate,” another fan wrote. “A criminal mug-shot? In a room for young kids? What on earth???!!!” someone else wrote.

“The fact that she likely paid someone to “design”this playroom, only for it to turn out like this is SENDING me,” another commenter wrote.

Frank Sinatra Was Arrested ‘on Charges of Seduction & Adultery’ in 1938

According to World History Project who obtained FBI reports, Frank Sinatra was arrested in November 1938 on charges of lying to a woman, promising to marry her in order to have sex with her. The report read Frank “did then and there have sexual intercourse with the said complainant, who was then and there a single female of good repute.”

The charges would eventually be dismissed in January 1939 after Frank served just 16 hours in jail and spent $1,500 on bond when it was revealed the woman was already married, the outlet reported.

The mugshot of a 23-year-old Frank became a pop phenomenon and can often be seen on T-shirts, mugs, and in artwork.

“Where Frank Sinatra would go from that mugshot to decades of popularity and influence on the world of music was hard to say, but that shot from his early-20s is still legendary, behind bars all over the world as a testament to the ‘bad boy’ reputation of a singer who appealed to every generation,” the outlet reported.

Teddi Stepped up to Support Her Friend Dorit After She Was Robbed at Gunpoint

On October 28, 2021, fellow RHOBH star, Dorit Kemsley, was robbed at gunpoint in her home, and the “two or three” men got away with belongings worth about $1 million, NBC reported.

When the news broke her fellow castmates all weighed in on the robbery, offering their support to Dorit. On November 4, 2021, Teddi also spoke up.

“I started getting these text messages from people like, ‘Is Dorit okay?’ And I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And then I saw the news [reports] that her house had been broken into and her kids were home and that she was robbed, and so I spent the morning over there at her house,” Teddi said on an episode of her podcast “Creepy Spooky.”

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Fans Slammed Teddi Mellencamp Over Son’s Playroom Decor

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