Chelsea Handler Displays Bikini Body During Hawaii Vacation With Boyfriend Jo Koy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Since going public with their relationship, Chelsea Handler and comedian Jo Koy have not shied away from giving the public insights into their love life.

The best friends turned lovebirds enjoyed a Hawaii getaway and have been sharing bits of the experience on their social media.

The proud boyfriend also showed off how stunning his girlfriend looked in a black two-piece while on their tropical trip.

Jo Koy Shows Off Chelsea Handler In Black Bikini

This weekend, Koy will host three comedy shows at Honolulu’s Blaisdell Arena, but he and Handler enjoy a couple’s vacation beforehand.

The “Easter Sunday” star updated Instagram with a beach video of his girlfriend. She was rocking a jaw-dropping black bikini with a simple necklace and her blonde tresses in a bun.

Ever the comedian Koy noticed that November 24 coincided with Jo Koy Day in Hawaii and decided to pull his partner’s legs.

In the clip, the 50-year-old approached Handler and said, “Honey, honey – guess what?” explaining that a monument was built in Hawaii in tribute to her boobs.

The “Chelsea Lately” alum laughed as Koy zoomed into the two small Mokulua Islands off Oahu’s coast before returning the camera to her face.

The loverboy turned on the charms for his lady through his caption that read:

“It’s Jo Koy day in Hawaii and I’m celebrating with the woman of my dreams.”

In the comments section, people joined in the fun. A fan noted that Koy could not help his comedic side, stating, “Even on the beach relaxing the jokes just keep coming!…”

The “Chelsea Does” Star Encourages Open-Mindedness In Love

Handler and Koy have been giving the public many swoon-worthy moments since they came out as a couple on September 27.

The Blast recounted an October 11 appearance on “The Tonight Show,” where Handler told host Jimmy Fallon that she fell in love at 46-year-old and is hopeful for everyone on earth.

Handler called her relationship with men these past years “discouraging.” She had wondered who she would be with before her long-time friend Koy came into the picture.

The comedienne also encouraged people to be open-minded about the friends in their life, the ones they think they are unattracted to.


Handler and Koy gave the juicy details about how they went from being just friends to lovers, though they have different recollections of events.

The Blast shared that while on an October episode of her “Dear Chelsea” podcast, the host and her boyfriend discussed how they met 20 years ago when Koy became a regular on her “Chelsea Lately” show.

Handler believed she and the “Anastasia” actor had terrific chemistry, but Koy considered it sexual while she thought it comedic, although he disagreed.

The “My Horizontal Life” author said she had somewhat of a crush on him before but was likely suppressing her feelings.

The “Fun Size” star praised her partner for having a loveable upbeat nature, and she is happy things progressed slowly because she believes she would have ruined it earlier.

Chelsea Handler Displays Bikini Body During Hawaii Vacation With Boyfriend Jo Koy

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