Álex Rodríguez filters photo of Jennifer Lopez in a sexy bikini 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jennifer Lopez, her ex-boyfriend leaked one of her photos at 50 | AP

The famous singer, businesswoman, model, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez appears in a photo that a ex-boyfriend shared, it is impressive to see her because she was 50 years old, the famous Hollywood star continues to steal sighs from her fans.

One of the most acclaimed and well-known stars is undoubtedly Jennifer Lopez who continues to have a successful career for 35 years, her professional life and especially her private life are constantly sought after by her followers.

Any news that appears with the headline of the Bronxs diva immediately becomes a trend, increasing exponentially when it comes to her private life and especially in the news in which her ex-partners have something to do.

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As you will remember after 17 years JLo reconciled with Ben Affleck, for some Bennifer is the ideal couple, they look perfect next to each other and it seems that time did not erase the love they projected since they began and ended their courtship from 2002 to 2004.

Jennifer Lopez, her ex-boyfriend leaked one of her photos at 50 | AP

Shortly before starting her relationship with the actor again, Jennifer Lopez spent around 4 years with him. Alex Rodriguez who is a legend in the MBL, who until recently had the hope of a reconciliation with the interpreter of “On The Floor”.

It was precisely Álex who leaked a photo of the successful singer and businesswoman when she was 50 years old, while she was wearing a flirty two-piece swimsuit that was obviously tiny, thus the surprise of several fans when they saw her.


Like any man in love and especially with this great personality, showing off her is something simple, which is surely something normal among couples, especially when it comes to celebrities, and more when it is Jennifer Lopez the protagonist of it.

The singer is wearing a white beach swimsuit, which we are sure is her favorite color, the design of it is strapless, although it looks more like a piece of fabric that is extremely tight and tied from behind, causing her charms to come out a little.

As for the lower piece that cannot be seen, you can see that it reaches right to her hips, which allows us to admire her firm abdomen, part of her body that the singer likes the most.

In the photo we can see that the diva from the Bronxs was enjoying sunbathing, to protect herself a little while she tanned, she was wearing dark glasses that made her look even more flirtatious.

Álex Rodríguez filters photo of Jennifer Lopez in a sexy bikini

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