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“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans wrote a diss on Instagram that ultimately backfired.

β€œTeen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans faced backlash after she complained about Subway on Instagram.

The North Carolina native was upset she couldn’t order from the restaurant’s mobile app for her son, and fans on Reddit dragged the mother-of-three for not making a sandwich for 7-year-old Kaiser.

β€œI don’t want to complain but @subway has some serious tech issues with their app and website at checkout. They let me order on the phone,” Evans, 30, wrote on January 11, 2022. β€œTrying to order lunch for Kaiser. @subway I hope you get these issues fixed ASAP.”

There’s a famous scene from β€œTeen Mom 2” where Kaiser cried for his mother to feed him while she was shooting her engagement pictures with then-fiance David Eason. Eason dragged Kaiser away when he got near the camera, and Evans and Eason told the toddler to be quiet when he cried, β€œfeed me.”

Viewers of the show remembered this moment when Evans talked about ordering lunch for Kaiser, the son she shares with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith.

Fans Didn’t Know Why Evans Was Complaining

A Reddit thread about Evans’ post amassed 300 comments, making it one of the most popular posts for the β€œTeen Mom” subreddit on January 11, 2022. Fans were confused why Evans didn’t just make a sandwich for her son at home.

One person accused Evans of neglecting her middle child.

β€œShe has all the time in the world as she’s unemployed and couldn’t make a lunch or pay for him to get a lunch at his school,” said one social media user. β€œInstead of making him a lunch and bringing out to the school, she’s trying to door dash subway to his school. I really hope a mandated reporter at the school took notice and reported it as neglect to CPS.”

β€œSo in other words he is at school with no lunch because you didn’t make him one,” wrote another person on Reddit. β€œSo you need subway to urgently deliver food to your child because you suck too much to do it yourself.”

β€œOr she could just go up there to order the samich….or hear me out….she could make one 🀭 Who complains on social media about a food app not working. I just groan and move along and order something else or go to the store,” a third commenter chimed in.

Evans Said She Should Be β€˜Praised’

While Evans faced accusations of child β€œneglect,” the former MTV personality insisted she should be β€œpraised” for how much she has changed since she first appeared on β€œ16 and Pregnant” and β€œTeen Mom 2.”

The TikTok creator’s response was written after she said she wanted MTV to remove β€œTeen Mom 2” from Netflix.

β€œSo you want the show off of Netflix bc you’re mad at how you acted during the show? I’m not a hater but that doesn’t make sense…” one fan wrote.

Evans answered, β€œI have changed and my life should be praised now.”

Evans first started with MTV in 2009 when she appeared on an episode of β€œ16 and Pregnant” with her high school boyfriend Andrew Lewis. At the time, she was pregnant with her eldest son, Jace, who is now 12 years old.

She went on to welcome Kaiser with Griffith in 2014 and shares her 4-year-old daughter, Ensley, with Eason.

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Jenelle Evans Accused of Child β€˜Neglect’ After IG Misfire

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